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About Us burger king Attract visitors to enjoy a meal and relax menu can be done in various ways. One of the unique way that used Burger King in Helsinki, Firlandia by presenting a sauna and steam room.
This fast food restaurant provides a sauna that can be occupied by 15 people in one room. With such capacity is possible to conduct work meetings, celebrations kekcil, until other events.
In the quotation from The Malay Mail Online, Monday (16/5), in addition to the room with a capacity of 15 people, there are also rooms with a capacity of 10 people. The room is facilitated with a television with a screen 48 inches.
In addition to a sauna, Burger King in Helsinki also provides a lounge to relax. Consumers can enjoy the facilities provided such as 55-inch television, Playstation 4, and wash room.
The steam room and a lounge area would not be complete if it were to come to forget a menu mainstay Burger King. Consumers who ordered the steam room can order a Whopper if they were starving in the sauna room.
Interested to try? Do not forget to make reservations steam room first before stepping foot there.