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saiyan island Naruto the Movie

27 Apr 2019 Berita

saiyan island the Last: Naruto the Movie is a Movie 10 of the Anime series Naruto. Before the film was released in Japan on December 6, 2014 and then and to Indonesia itself has also been played in 2015 and then through the CGV cinema chain Blitz, Cinemaxx and also Platinum Cineplex.
Lifted from the comics the same name by Masashi Kishimoto, the comic was first published in Japan through the Weekly Shonen Jump in 1999. Written by pilot story of the same title written by Kishimoto in 1997 through Akamaru Jump magazine, comic tells the story about the adventures of Naruto Uzumaki a ninja aspires to be a leader in his country and won widespread acceptance and success even outside Japan. The success of the series has been appointed to the Anime series since 2002.

In Indonesia alone comic published by Elex Media Komputindo with the publication of the comic has reached edition 66. Serial Animenyapun never aired on Indonesian television each through TRANS TV, Indosiar, and Global TV and has catapulted the name Hana Voiced Bahagiana as Naruto. Noted Ridawati name and Mirna Haryati also had a role to be Voiced to figure blond ninja who likes to eat this ramen. The anime is also broadcast via pay TV channel Animax. In Japan, anime is done by Studio Pierrot was aired through television network TV Tokyo.
Next week, Boruto: Naruto the Next Generation will be released. Ahead of the launch, a number of new start page manga that has been disclosed and raises a lot of expectations.

This manga will be officially launched on 9 May. In a teaser released Jump magazine Shuiseha it also introduced a new character named Kawaki. This figure seems to be the main enemy in the Boruto series.

Quoted from Yibada, Kawaki is a guy Mohawk ever seen in poster Boruto hype. He has the power of destroying huge and looks like he has brought disorder Konoha without the help of others.

This villain figures who allegedly got a tattoo that covered his left arm and extending to the left eye. Moreover, Kawaki seems to have a black cane that is very similar to that used Pain, Obito, Madara and Naruto-those that evoke one of the strengths of Sage of the Six Paths.