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Based on the above definition

28 Apr 2019 Tips dan Trik

PRODUCT DESIGN, Definition and scope

By immigrants, M.Pd.


Design is MarineNet Marine process that can be said to have the rest of the presence of

man on earth. It is often not aware of. As a result, some of us argue

as if the new design is known since the modern era and is a part of life


In everyday language the word design is often interpreted as a design,

plan or idea. Such understanding is not entirely wrong but also not

entirely true. In Big Indonesian Dictionary says that the design commensurate

the word design. However, according to design / engineering design aau

which is often equated with the word of this design appears to have not been able to interpret

design more broadly. The word "design" which is actually a new word

a lawyer-Indonesian-ness of the word design (English) will be retained. Word

This design shifts the word design because the word can not accommodate

activities, scientific, and prestige of the profession or the breadth of competencies, (Sachari, 2000).

Understanding the design can be viewed from various perspectives and context. Design

can also be interpreted as a creative artist to meet the specific needs and

certain ways. Designs can also be a problem with a solution of the target

clear (Archer, 1965). Meanwhile, according to Alexander (1963) design is a finding

The most objective physical elements. Or the design of an action and initiative to change

works of man (Jones, 1970).

Further development of the notion of design is very varied due to the growth of

This profession in many countries. One of the figures yan evaluate the design sense is

Bruce Archer, according to the design is a form of physical and spiritual needs

humans are described through various areas of experience, expertise and knowledge

which reflects attention to the appreciation and adaptation to his surroundings, especially

relating to the form, composition, meanings, values and goals of artificial objects

human beings.

If the term 'design' meaning is 'plan', the 'plan' is the object

(Objects produced in the planning process). Activities called 'plan' or

'Mencananakan'. Executing called 'planners', while everything related

closely with the implementation process of making a plan, called 'planning'. So the word

'Design' has a general sense equivalent to 'plan,

designing, engineering, or the reverse, which is equivalent to the term meaning 'to design'

or 'designing' (English). The term design has meaning: 'do

events / activities / processes to produce a design (Palgunadi, 2007).

Thus, understanding the design is always changing in line with the

the development of human civilization. This proves that the actual design

enting has meaning in human culture keseluhan, both in terms of

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attempt to solve the problem of human physical and spiritual, as well as part of culture

which gives certain values throughout the course of human history.

Based on the above definition, it is clear that the design is not merely design

on paper, but also on the whole process until the work is realized and

have the value. Design does not stop on ketas, but erupakan aktivitaspraktis

which includes also elements of economic, social, technology and culture in various


Good design just above the stop over ketas, but erupakan aktivitaspraktis

which includes also elements of economic, social, technology and culture in various

dinamikanya.Desain good only on paper will only fall solely

as a mere concept of culture. Because after all good design is design

that meet the needs of the community. Besides, the public acceptance

to a design to be critical, because without these elements will not happen

growth of healthy design.